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Networking & Cloud


Our experienced network engineers analyse the entire network thoroughly. They will also pay attention to the flow of data; your network has to be build up in function of this flow. Our engineers will keep record of the strengths and weaknesses. This allows them to give you the advice you need to use your network to the fullest.


Our helpdesk is the place to be with all your IT-questions. Our helpdesk is staffed by people with technical knowledge and experience, leading to fast and efficiënt assistance.

Remote support

We can offer you remote support, meaning we can watch your screen or even (temporarily) take over control of your computer. Leading to a more direct way to solve the problem.

On-site support

During instals, crashes and every other situation that can't be solved using "Remote support". One of our IT'ers will visit as soon as possible.

Network Management

We are responsible for the management of your network. This includes us following up, controlling and keeping the server- and networksoftware up to date. The safety and speed of your network is guaranteed because of this formula.

System Management

If you pick the formula System Management, we take care of the network management(see last paragraph) and the management of your PC- and serverpark. We take care of the set-ups, if the back-up is working, firewall, antivirus, ... In short, you don't have to worry about any IT-aspect of you company.


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