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Satellite modules van i-Golf : i-Pro

i-Pro is a system used by a club or golf professional to manage the reservation of golf lessons.

Golfplayers from home and abroad can book golf lessons over the internet and have the possibility to pay using their credit-card.

The secretariat and the golf professional will instantly see these reservations appear in the calendar. 


Some advantages of i-Pro :

  • linked to the module Member Management of i-Golf.
  • possibility to link with starting packets.
  • linked to the Belgian central database of golfplayers.
  • flexibel management of the calendar (public/private/not available) and changing already made reservations.
  • logging of all reservations, updates en cancellations.
  • automatic sending of a reminder email is possible.
  • the secretariat can see the lessons of different pro's, resulting in a clear view of who is available.

i-Pro can be set accordingly to the preferences of the club or golf professional : only public for own members, or for all Belgian golfers, or for foreign golfers aswell, how long in advance someone can reserve and so on.

Golfspelers can book 24/7 using i-Pass or a link on the club's website.

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