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Satellite modules of i-Golf : i-Touch and i-Live

i-Touch and i-Live are the modules of i-Golf used in the club to inform the members.

i-Touch is the module who runs on a data library. i-Touch offers the same possibilities as the i-Pass but can be used for more functionalities. i-Touch can be combined with the i-Card.

Some advantages of i-Touch :

  • members get a summary of the daycalendar.
  • members can enlist for games and teetimes or reserve golfing lessons.
  • members can review their handicaphistory.
  • members can sign in for teetimes they have reserved and if requested a scorecard can be printed immediatly.
  • members can fill in their score along with the marker.
  • If i-Touch isn't activated, pictures of the clublife can be set as screensaver.

i-Live is the module trough which a club can decide which information is being shown on a TV-screen in the club.

Some advantages of i-Live :

  • linked with the module Games, meaning that starting lists and rankings can be showed in the bar.
  • possibility for live scoring
  • easy way to render and show pictures.
  • easy way to show messages.

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