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Interface possibilities of i-Golf

Link with a restaurant or bar register:

The module Member Management of i-Golf can be linked to your register in the bar or restaurant. This results in your membershiplogs to be sychronised with the register and bills can be consulted by members on their i-Pass and i-Touch. Thanks to this link, your members can use their federal card or membershipcard as ID in the register software.

The link with the register software provided by ETC (Euro Tap Control) is already being used succesfully in multiple clubs.

Link with accounting software :

The module Member Management of i-Golf can be linked to your accounting software (Winbooks).

In the module Member Management of i-Golf, there is a possibility to generate and send an invitation to pay their fees. Every member gets assigned a type. Every type can get assigned with transactions (membership fees, contribution to the fedartion, renting of lockers, and so on). The system calculates the fees depending on type of membership and age.

The members receive this invitation and can respond to it (changing type of membership, cancelling specific rented objects, and so on).

The final charges can be converted to bills. These bills can be exported and afterwards imported in Winbooks, avoiding having to do double work: entering the bills again is not needed.

If the payments get registered in Winbooks, they can be exported and imported to i-Golf afterwards. This results in automatic requests for federation cards, for every member who has payed their contribution to the federation.

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